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Online Consultation

You can get Advice or Treatment within 4 – 48 Hours (2 working Days)

We have introduced the Online Triage Service. You can get access to medical advice without having to pick up the phone or even come in to the practice.

You can avoid long waiting times on the telephone and beat the queues at the front desk.

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Getting Started is Easy..!

Simply click on this Link and in the search bar type the symptoms or query that you have. This will produce a series of choices and forms. Click on the relevant one and submit it.

If you cannot find a suitable option to select for your symptom, then select ‘Consult with a Doctor form’.

You will be contacted within 48 Hours (working days) about your symptom or query.

The Doctor will read the submitted form and deal with it within 48 Hours (2 working days).

The Doctor will attempt to call you twice from a WITHELD number. If there is no response then the case will be closed. You will need to resubmit a new form.

  • Complex problems will always be booked in to see a Doctor
  • Urgent problems will be dealt with on the day by telephone or asking you to come in
  • Requests that need telephone advice can be addressed promptly
  • Some problems may be more suitably dealt with in a specialist clinic e.g Chronic Disease clinic or pharmacist medication review clinic
  • If you have difficulty speaking English, then please ensure that you have somebody who can help you translate, nearby. Alternatively  you may wish to explain  your problem to them.  If you give us their phone number, we can speak to them directly.

If you have difficulty in completing the form our reception staff will be able to assist.

To ensure you get the best use out of the Online triage system you must ensure that you are set up to use our Online Services. Please speak to Reception about this.

You can also view your medical records online if you are registered to use Patient Access. To register for this service please contact reception.


Online Consultation Privacy

Follow this link to read the GP Online Consultation Service Privacy Notice

Date published: 22nd February, 2023
Date last updated: 22nd February, 2023